Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's hard when u have no one 2 share ur paine
But it's 2 hard when u have no one 2 share ur happenies
suddenly i looked around me 2 find that i have no one
no one who care 2 know that i'm happy now
and that made me sad again
no one who can know from looking 2 my eyes that i'm thinking in something
someone who will lose something if he lost me
i knew now y i was holding his love in my heart all this time
just 2 find something i can live with
and now ur love is goune and i'm here feel empty
and even more ... i don't know the taste of being happy without some one 2 share this feeling


shaimaa said...

w a7na ro7na feen ya lmy bs ..3eeb 3leky


موجودين يا جميل ربنا يخليكوا