Monday, August 21, 2006

I trayed a lot 2 hold in ur love 2 keep it my heart
and now i should let go
y it hurt me so
every one was saying u will not stay that way
and i used 2 say that no one have the right 2 judge my feelings
day after day
one u here another u away
and now when i'm looking at u
i feel only onething 2 say
ur not the same ..and now
even when u here the one i love is not avilabule at the moment
maybe if i trayed again later


shaimaa said...

no mt3l2esh nfsk m3 el5t da tany,a3tbreeh 3la tool not avaliable & dont try again later


حاضر مش هتراي اجين اني تيم